Avalon Team Members Become Relativity Certified

26 September, 2012 –It is Avalon’s company mission to be a path for success and growth for both clients and team members alike. Avalon has continued to carry out its mission by partnering up with kCura, the developers of the e-discovery software Relativity. Relativity is a web-based platform used to manage document reviews for law firms, corporations, and government agencies. As a Premium Relativity Hosting Partner, Avalon has brought the most outstanding and cutting-edge software to its clients, allowing them to more effectively manage their cases.

Avalon is not only looking for ways to help its clients succeed, but its team members as well. Avalon is consistently striving for ways to enhance team members’ knowledge and abilities through things like training, seminars, and educational programs. Since partnering with kCura, Avalon has been concentrating its efforts on becoming experts on Relativity Hosting to guarantee that Relativity users receive the best experience possible.

Prior to hosting any projects in Relativity, kCura requires its partners to undergo training in both administration and sales, but they do not stop there.  kCura offers several programs to ensure that their partners fully understand Relativity and its capabilities, thus allowing them to develop their expertise as Relativity service providers. Hilary Palombo, Vice President of Sales, and Jason Haag, Director of Legal Technology, have done just that – become Relativity experts.

Avalon’s Vice President of Sales and Managing Partner of the Buffalo branch, Hilary Palombo, has recently achieved status as a Relativity Certified Sales Professional.  kCura designed this program to help sales representatives effectively demonstrate Relativity’s features and benefits, which is essential when consulting with current and prospective Relativity users. Hilary’s certification confirms that she truly understands Relativity and how its software can solve even the toughest e-discovery obstacles.

“I am happy to be a Relativity Certified Sales Professional to be able to show such attorneys that Relativity has a simple and clean user interface, “ says Hilary. “Overall, it is a great tool and we are so happy and excited to have the experience and tools in house to offer to our client base.”

Not only does Avalon, as Relativity Hosting Partner, need a professional to educate clients on the features and benefits of Relativity, it also needs a professional who has the expertise to manage and maximize Relativity to its highest degree. As a Relativity Certified Administrator, Jason Haag, Avalon’s Director of Legal Technology, has years of experience working in this platform and is the embodiment of an expert.  Jason’s certification gives assurance to end users that their cases will be managed by a professional who understands Relativity to its fullest.

“The quality we provide to our clients is top priority and the training and certifications we receive play an important part in ensuring a quality product,” says Jason.

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