Remote Data Collection to the Rescue!

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There has always been a cost barrier in the beginning phase of data collection at the onset of a new case or investigation.  Many clients view the collection of data to be an opportunity to cut costs by utilizing their [...]

8 Trade Show Must-Haves


Trade shows, although a great opportunity can be a considerable marketing investment. Between space rental, design and construction of trade show displays, travel, accommodations, promotional literature and give-a-way items, the costs to participate can add up quickly. Many people hesitate [...]

Cleveland Rocked the Foundation


On March 22nd, Cleveland’s legal community joined the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association (CMBA) for their signature, annual event Rock the Foundation. For the past eight years the CMBA has hosted one of the best parties known to Cleveland, benefiting the [...]

Making the Decision to Outsource Facilities Management

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Don’t be mistaken, outsourcing your facility management does not mean you won’t be involved or won’t have a say in what’s going on.  Outsourcing facility management extends your business to include a trusted partner that delivers expertise across multiple disciplines. [...]

Introducing Team Cleveland!


As many of you may already know, ProFile Discovery, a Cleveland-based e-discovery and litigation support company, has recently joined forces with Avalon Document Services. We are very excited about this new partnership and want to take the time to properly [...]

What You Need to Know About Predictive Coding

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Written By: Elizabeth M. Midgley, Esq.  Like many attorneys, when it comes to disclosing client documents in litigation, I can be a bit of a… control freak.  I like to look at every single line of every single page of [...]

Writing a Business Proposal Doesn’t Have To Be Hard


If the majority of your business is generated from making proposals, you know how important they are. So, if you want more business, it’s plain and simple. Start writing better business proposals.  After reading these ten tips, it won’t be [...]

Digital vs. Offset Printing – Which is Better for Your Project?

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Depending on your print project, the answer will vary as to which print process is ideal. There are many factors to be considered before you choose to have your prints run digitally or offset. In order to make an educated [...]

What Paper Stock Should I Use? Decisions, Decisions…


Stock choices are endless. Different weights, different textures, different color shades, different finishes. With all of these variables, where does one start when choosing a stock that best suites their project? First, take a look at what you are printing. [...]

Avalon on the Move!

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It has been a very exciting, yet busy time for the team at Avalon. In early December, our Utica office made a very short move in from its former 421 Seneca Street location to an office just around the corner, [...]