The “Get Out of Jail Free Card” That is Federal Rule 502(d) & Other Advice From the Federal Judges Panel on eDiscovery (Part II)


Written By: JP Midgley, CEO, Avalon Document Services Part I of this series on advice from the Federal Judges Panel on eDiscovery was called “Take Your Geeks to Court.”  Now, we talk about what happens later in the discovery process, […]

3D Printing: Shaping the Future

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I am not sure how many of you have actually seen a 3D printer in action, but boy is it something else! I know it sounds weird…3D printing. How is that even possible? Printing is two-dimensional. How can a physical, […]

Coding Cleanup Slowing You Down?

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Written By: Jason Schroeder, VP of Legal Technology Those of you who’ve conducted an intensive online document review know that it can be extremely frustrating to have to go back in and clear up any coding inconsistencies. You thought you […]

E-Discovery Help: Tips on Writing Search Terms

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Written By: Joshua Burke, Legal Technology Specialist Search terms are one of the most helpful things to help narrow the scope of the data you will be reviewing.  It is the only way to ensure that at least some key […]

“Take Your Geeks to Court” & Other Advice from the Federal Judges Panel on eDiscovery (Part I)

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Written By: JP Midgley, CEO, Avalon Document Services  Imagine how amazing it would be if all of the musical greats came together for one big concert.  Now, imagine the equivalent of that, but it is all the great Federal Judges […]

How Do You Find the ‘Smoking Gun’ ?

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Written By: Jason Schroeder, Vice President of Legal Tecnology How many of you have actually found the smoking gun doc in your reviews?  That one email or letter that makes it an open and shut case, or that one doc […]

Graphic Design Tips for Beginners

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Everyone nowadays wants to do everything themselves. Do-it-yourself (DIY) has been the trend for quite some time. Consumers are realizing they no longer have to buy something off the shelf or hire someone to do the job. With Google and […]

Green Construction Efforts & Programs

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We’ve all witnessed the increased importance and stress on protecting our environment. It is very unlikely that when someone hears the phrase “going green” they do not understand its meaning. Saving the environment is a top priority and focus for […]

8 Brochure Folding Styles


In the world of print and design, the word “brochure” can be a vague term. Brochures are mainly used to communicate product or service information, and are also commonly used to communicate event details. While the purpose of a brochure […]