Green Construction Efforts & Programs

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We’ve all witnessed the increased importance and stress on protecting our environment. It is very unlikely that when someone hears the phrase “going green” they do not understand its meaning. Saving the environment is a top priority and focus for […]

9 Brochure Folding Styles

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In the world of print and design, the word “brochure” can be a vague term. Brochures are mainly used to communicate product or service information, and are also commonly used to communicate event details. While the purpose of a brochure […]

What are the ‘Standard’ Print Sizes?


When it comes to your print project, it can be easy to say “whatever the standard size is will work fine for this piece.” Is that really the best way to go about designing a file? While there are certain […]

Is Your Company Using Construction Estimating Software?


Accurately estimating project costs is critical to the success of any organization contemplating future construction projects. Cost estimators have a lot riding on their shoulders. Owners and managers are reliant on these cost projections when determining whether to bid on […]

E-Discovery Simplified: Commonly Used Terms

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We can guarantee you’re not alone if you have ever found yourself lost or confused when dealing with your case’s electronic discovery. Veteran’s to the e-discovery world and e-discovery vendors, like Avalon, know this stuff like the back of their […]

Commonly Used Printing Terms


Have you ever had a conversation with your print vendor and been left completely confused by the end? You are probably not alone. Us here in the printing industry tend to talk in printer lingo. Since we live, eat, and […]

Holiday Prints, Parties, & Promos!

keep calm

Written by: Ashley Hazlett, Director of Marketing Year after year, the holidays seem to sneak up on us quicker and quicker. For many its time to start planning a corporate holiday party, others are brainstorming new ideas for this year’s […]

Tips for Construction Bidding

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Estimating a construction project is one of the most important tasks of any general contractor or sub-contractor. Misreading a blueprint, or forgetting or adding a zero, can cost you boat loads of money or cause you to lose the bid. […]