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Incident Response- Website Leaks Job Applications and Social Security Numbers

See how DIGITS LLC helped identify and contain sensitive information being shared online from a client’s website.

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Managed Office Services

A detailed look at how Avalon saved one firm thousands per month.

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Secure Mail & Print

A rapidly growing medical records company approached Avalon for assistance with managing the printing and mailing of thousands of medical records every month. They have very specific HIPAA requirements for security and quality control. It is critical that the correct medical records are in each envelope so someone else’s protected medical information is not exposed to the wrong person.

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HR Record Scanning

Avalon was contacted by a hospital client to assist with their term files—HR records and medical records of each employee that had ever retired, left for another job, gone on disability, or been terminated. Because they accumulated approximately 40 boxes a year, they were limited on storage space.

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Medical Record Scanning

Avalon was approached by a healthcare client that had multiple facilities and was in the process of closing two to streamline operations. Each facility had a high volume of pediatric medical records that they needed to maintain until the patient reaches 18 years old, whether they are still patients or not.

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EOB Scanning

A regional healthcare facility had a centralized billing department that received thousands of explanations of benefit (EOBs) each week for their more than 20 locations. The EOBs were filed by date and batch number and stored in filing cabinets.

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