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Visit the links below for additional resources related to our services—including blog posts, white papers, and more.

Legal Hold Management

See legal hold in action in this Powerpoint presentation.


Read more on how to avoid risky ESI collections and the defensibility of self-collection.

X1 Social Discovery

Read our article, Posted and Toasted: Burned by Social Media, for more information on social media in litigation.

Early Case Assessment (ECA)

For more information on effective early case assessment (ECA), please read the whitepaper:
A Step-by-Step guide to Effective Early Case Assessment.


Read our blog article that explains everything you need to know about email threading.

Relativity® Assisted Review (RAR)

From the Avalon blog: eDiscovery – Man vs. Machine
White paper: Measuring and Validating the Effectiveness of Relativity Assisted Review from Kcura

Text Analytics

White paper: Document Categorization Using Latent Semantic Indexing
From the Avalon blog: E-Discovery – Man vs. Machine

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