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Case Study: Office Services for Architectural Firm

Avalon implemented cost recovery solutions that helped this firm reduce its monthly expenses by more than $6,000.

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Incident Response – Website Leaks Job Applications and Social Security Numbers

See how Avalon helped identify and contain sensitive information being shared online from a client’s website.

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Digitizing Legacy Plans & Archive Room Blueprints

A transportation services company was undergoing office construction and losing storage space to store original vessel blueprints. They were storing well over 7,000 original blueprints that varied in size. The company typically needed to pull records at least once a week, so destruction and accessibility were the major issues.

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Managed Office Services for Architectural Firm

An architectural client was growing quickly and didn’t have time to figure out what copying and printing equipment they needed in their office. They had a number of different copier contracts that all ended at different times because when a machine broke they just called an equipment company and bought something new without shopping around.

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