Cyber Security

If you have been following the headlines over the last couple of years, you are likely aware that cyber attacks are on the rise. In the last year, law firms in particular have been an increasing target for hackers. The hackers have transferred their focus from hard targets, like banks, to soft targets, like accounting legal practices because law firms and accounting firms store the confidential data of several companies and their network security practices, generally, are not as sophisticated as the large financial institutions.


DIGITS, a division of Avalon, has deep roots in digital investigations and is called upon regularly to help mitigate network breaches. Over the last several years, we have launched proactive cybersecurity services to prevent breaches. We have seen firsthand how hackers operate and can provide a unique perspective on our Cyber Security services. We regularly provide basic and deep security assessments as well as proactive network monitoring services, in addition to our policy assessment, writing, and Chief Information Officer (CIO) on-demand services. Many firms believe that they are protected by the managed services provider or their anti-virus software, but that is no longer sufficient. We can provide assessments and recommendations on safe guarding your firm’s reputation, sensitive information, and your confidential data.

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