Document services specially crafted for the design-build industry

The design-build industry can be very challenging. Deadlines are tight, documentation must be flawless, and a misstep at any level can be very costly. At Avalon, we understand the pressures of the design-build industry.

To ease your mind and supplement the process on your end, Avalon follows detailed quality control procedures for plans and specifications. We confirm that each drawing listed in the table of contents is accounted for and each division referenced is in fact included in the package. We then provide you with a list of any missing or extra drawings or divisions.

We also offer online planrooms to manage your bid processes at no cost to you. We offer robust on site office services to manage the administrative tasks you don’t have time for while installing and managing cost recovery systems to make your firm more profitable.

Download our AEC case studies and white papers to see how we’ve helped real firms like yours.

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