Cyber Security

Remaining secure is a major challenge in today’s world. Headlines these days are reminding us that cyber attacks are on the rise. On average, cyber attacks cost over $5 million each. Attorney’s fees, forensics services, government fines, credit monitoring, and even derivative litigation can amount to staggering costs. Our clients often tell us: “We thought our company was making sure this wouldn’t happen.” There’s a big difference between information technology and information security, and we are determined to help you understand what it takes to protect your company.

At Avalon, we’ve seen firsthand how hackers operate. We’ve also seen the other side—organizations that believe they’re sufficiently protected by their managed services provider or anti-virus software. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. But this gives us perspective.

Our deep roots in digital investigations and experience mitigating network breaches allow us to provide both basic and elaborate security assessments and proactive network monitoring.

For each evaluation, we deliver a comprehensive written report of our findings, and offer recommendations for safeguarding your firm’s reputation, sensitive information, and confidential data. We also provide Knight Vision, a cyber security monitoring service to complement your existing security measures.