eDiscovery Services

The vast majority of documents needed in litigation today exist in electronic format. An estimated 40% of these documents are never printed, which can leave you with large and complex volumes of data. Avalon’s certified eDiscovery specialists transform electronically stored information (ESI) into a format that is easily searched, organized, and produced through a variety of processes and the latest technology in the industry.

We offer a wide variety of data collection services. If you need staffed digital forensics, data collection, social media collection, or even remote data collection from anywhere in the world, we can help. Once all the data is collected, we can provide early case assessment prior to filtering through your data to give you a clearer, quicker look at your data.

We also offer several filtering tools that allow you to sort out irrelevant files in your case documents, and find the documents that are actually important to your case. Avalon uses the following techniques to reduce data and eventually your overall processing and review time and costs:

  • Deduplication
  • Keyword filtering
  • Date filtering
  • File type filtering

Once your data has been pared down, Avalon can provide you with the tools to start your review. We are a RelativityOne Certified Partner and this flexible platform allows litigation teams and other relevant personnel to easily collaborate and review documents. All critical discovery documents for every case are securely stored in one place and are accessible from anywhere at any time.

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