Knight Vision: Cyber Security Monitory Services (MSSP)

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Although many companies invest significantly in a variety of security appliances, they‘re not able to maximize the potential of these devices because IT practitioners don’t have the capacity to review and respond to the log data that they generate.

Whether you need to comply with the ever-changing government regulations surrounding cyber security, or maximize your security posture, eyes-on-glass security monitoring is becoming the standard for companies that believe in true information security programs.

Avalon’s cyber security monitoring service, Knight Vision, enhances the effectiveness of security appliances and complements internal IT and information security teams. Our technology collects security log data from widely used security appliances (e.g., firewalls, antivirus, endpoint detection and response solutions), normalizes the log data, identifies alerts that are of high risk, and alerts you via the Knight Vision portal to work with you to remediate security events.

Knight Vision workflow