Managed Document Scanning

If your business still produces a significant amount of paper, you understand the difficulties of working within a paper document system. Paper files take up valuable space in your office, are prone to damage, make collaboration difficult, and present security issues. Then, there’s the staggering costs of printers, toner, and other office supplies. Let the team at Avalon help eliminate paper from the equation through our managed document scanning services, part of our Business Process Outsourcing division.

While document scanning sounds simple, it’s a time-consuming process that includes:

  • Assembling and organizing paper files
  • Ensuring hard copy documents have no staples or folded corners
  • Applying metadata to enable keyword searching
  • Manually reviewing each electronic page against the original to ensure accuracy
  • Embedding OCR technology
  • Performing several other laborious tasks

Once complete, thousands – even millions – of your important documents will be stored in an easily searchable database, allowing you to locate, annotate, and distribute your documents within seconds. Our experts can customize a document scanning solution to manage your current and future scanning needs on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, so your business can work more efficiently, and you can save time and money.

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