Managed eDiscovery

Legal teams are becoming frustrated with the investments and expenses associated with their eDiscovery needs, whether their support is internal or outsourced (which is a constant debate). The continued investments in the latest technology, training of staff, and major hardware are at odds with the desire for dedicated services for a predictable cost.

Avalon established a Managed Services offering to provide the best of both worlds. Our comprehensive discovery services are offered in a subscription-based package, eliminating the unpredictable cost aspect of eDiscovery. We work with our clients to build an offering based on their current and future needs. For some clients we simply provide access to robust processing tools to enhance their internally managed document review platforms while other clients partner with Avalon to provide both processing and hosting solutions. Every client has a unique set of needs and current capabilities and expertise. Each managed services program Avalon provides is customized to provide exactly what you need to provide the very best solutions to handling the complex needs of your clients. Avalon is dedicated to implementing the newest, most innovative solutions, so you can always count on having state-of-the-art technology at your fingertips.

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