Shawn Thrall

President РSyracuse |


As one of the first team members hired in July 2000, Shawn Thrall has seen the company grow from one location with six people to over 100 hundred team members and seven locations. In that time, Shawn has been intimately involved with every business decision the company has made.

Shawn learned at a young age, from assisting with the family business, the benefit of having systems in place and understanding the intricacies of working with people and embracing the many differences of individuals.

Often describing the day that he started at Avalon as the best day of his professional life, Shawn is always quick to say that, without the opportunity, he is not sure what he would be doing today. In the early days of Avalon, Shawn learned that to be a great leader you need to have faith in people and help them grow to whatever they can be without standing in their way. This philosophy, as well as building strong relationships with clients and team members remain a major part of the vision that drives Avalon today.