Bid Management

Avalon’s Online Planroom makes managing your bid distribution easier than ever. We have managed thousands of bid distributions for our clients with our Online Planroom. Our specialists help streamline communications for all of your construction projects. We create a virtual environment for your document publishing, management, ordering, and distribution—all tailored to suit your firm’s needs.

Our Online Planroom will allow you to:

  • Stay informed about the activity of your job by viewing the list of sub-contractors that have placed orders
  • Post jobs for your sub-contractors to view from their web browser
  • Categorize jobs as public or private (and restrict access to private jobs by only providing the password to authorized sub-contractors)
  • Remove yourself from the transaction (sub-contractors can place orders directly from our Planroom)
  • Send e-mails notifying all job planholders about revisions, addenda, or other updates

Login to the Avalon Planroom